Skips For Old Closets and Fitted Units

Every home or office in the UK once in a while requires renovations or a face-lift here and there. This could start by changing equipment, geting in new computers, tvs and photocopiers. Finding the right and suitable equipment to help with the waste management on site is a tricky task to most developers or contractors. 

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When it comes to giving your kitchen or bedroom a makeover, removing built in wardrobes and old counters to replace them with new units or creating more space; you need assistance while moving around. Tipping skips are the best and ideal machines for this kind of activity. In this article, we help you with getting to learn about skips and why one on site.

What is a skip?

A tipping skip is a manual or automatic equipment meant to aid in moving waste and material around a site. These skips are available in different sizes and customized options including those fitted with castor wheels or crane lift. 

The tipping skips designed for use as hand trucks, forklifts or operated by hand.

Different Types of Tipping Skips

We have three common types of tipping skips popular in our homes and offices. These are:

Auto Tip

This type enables a single operator to release the skip from the safety of his cab.

With Castors

The castor will allow smooth movement of your skip accessible by hand.

With Lids 

This type is best moving the waste to an outdoor waste skip.

A lid prevents light waste as sawdust not to blow away. 

Why Is It a Good Idea to Keep a Skip on Site?

Here are a few ideas on reasons for using a skip on site.

It is best for easy transportation and movement of site waste materials during construction or renovations. 

To prevent waste materials and other hazard items from scattering at the site, thus causing injury and damage to persons and your property.

You can work alone with the help of a tipping skip, thus no need for extra labour. 

Bonus Tips:

It doesn't matter which type of tipping skip you are using on site, safety, and health is all that is important while you work.

Formalize yourself with the manual in advance on how to use the machine. 

Wear the right gear while at the site for safety and protection.


With this information, you are now in a position to shop around for the best and highest quality brand of tipping skips in and around the UK without hesitation.